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Nominate a Non-Profit Organization or Public Agency Award for Excellence in Professional Ethics

Nominations will be chosen from organizations that have demonstrated the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and civic and social responsibility.

You may also mail additional documentation to support your nominee to:
The Samaritan Counseling Center, Attn.: Cary Kuhlmann, 2911 Zelda Rd., Montgomery, AL 36106

The applications will be qualified by completeness and date submitted.

You may include a short summary, no more than 1000 words, of why you believe the organization you are nominating deserves to receive a River Region Ethics in Business and Public Service Award.

Your summary may be narrative or a bullet-point list.

Your nomination may be based on your personal experience with the organization.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the nominee must be willing to participate in the research process, which includes being interviewed by students and providing information regarding ethical practices. You, as nominator, also may be contacted to be interviewed.

Possible guidelines when writing your nomination:

  • Description of nominee’s practices and/or programs that impact the River Region.
  • Description of nominee’s ethical approaches to doing business (ethical behavior towards customers, stakeholders and the community).
  • Example of an ethical dilemma or conflict of interest and how it was resolved.
  • Description of organization’s values and how they are integrated into its ethical culture.
  • Description of the extent to which the business’s activities go above and beyond lawful requirements.

For more guidelines on nominating a business, click here.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Organizations/agencies may self-propose or be proposed by a third party.

Non-Profit Organization Nomination Form

Nomination Period Currently CLOSED For 2022 Awards

    (part time employees count as a half-time towards the full-time total)